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IPSF Launches Major Fundraiser

It’s widely known that Irvine Unified is one of the best public school districts in the county if not the state. Because the state still classifies Irvine as a “rural” district, the amount of funding per student is well below state average and equaliziation efforts by our elected officials in the State Assembly and State…

A Rennaisance Plan Cut To Look Like a Transit Plan Is Still The Rennaisance Plan

What it seems to me is a back door way to get most of the original Renaissance Plan adopted with as little attention to the redevelopment components as possible, by making it look like the City is only adopting a simple “Transit Zoning Code.” This reminds me of a quote in L.A. Confidential where Guy Pearce’s character says “A hooker cut to look like Lana Turner is still a hooker.” And the Rennaisance Plan cut to look like only a Transit Zoning Code is still the Rennaisance Plan.

Happy Birthday Larry Agran

The man those on the right love to hate is celebrating a birthday today.  Democrats who support him are sometimes accused of “blind loyalty” but it’s hardly the case.  I met Larry Agran in 1998 when he was touting the Millenium Plan and a commercial airport at El Toro was still a very real possibility.…