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Loretta Sanchez cosponsors bill to reinstate Discretionary Spending Caps

“Out-of-control discretionary spending threatens to cripple America’s economy and saddle future generations of Americans with mountains of debt,” said Rep. Sanchez. “Orange County families have been forced to make tough financial decisions, and it’s time for Congress to do the same. Discretionary spending caps will be an important tool in our fight to restore fiscal discipline in government.”

So what does Hugh Nguyen do for the County anyway?

Hugh Nguyen manages the purchasing, petty cash, space needs/modifications, telephone usage/modifications, safety compliance, disaster recovery plan, department document storage and retention, public record act requests, building signage, etc. for the Board of Supervisors and Clerk of the Board.

Solorio Praises Decision to Reject Bids to Sell the OC Fairgrounds

Assemblyman Jose Solorio, (D-Anaheim), author of legislation to stop the sale of the Orange County Fairgrounds, was pleased with the announcement. “We knew from the beginning that the process was not designed to garner the highest bid, and the local community didn’t want the fairgrounds sold at all,” Solorio said. “This is good news for the state, Costa Mesa, and all Orange County residents who enjoy the OC Fairgrounds.”

Red County’s Wing-Nut Bias?

Okay, I know that they are Republicans and they can’t really help themselves; but this takes the cake. I was reading the headlines this morning on Red County and did a double-take on this headline. Holder Says He Will Mirandize Obama Corpse The headline linked to a Washington Examiner opinion piece by Byron York titled:…

Deputy Treasurer Keith Rodenhuis Jumps Into Race

Keith has a killer ballot title in an expensive county-wide race. Street had the slates pretty much locked up — and if he arranges with the vendors to release them to Keith, then Mr. Rodenhuis will be in a pretty commanding position to at the very least make it into a run-off.

Hugh Nguyen seems to have a problem telling the truth

Revelation of his lack of truthiness could not have come at a more inopportune time for Mr. Nguyen. Despite being the sole Republican running for the non-partisan Clerk Recorder’s office, Hugh Nguyen failed to receive the endorsement of his own party. This week seems to have gotten off to a bad start for Hugh.

OC Supes Strip Street of investment powers

County supervisors on Tuesday unanimously voted to revoke Orange County’s Treasurer-Tax Collector Chriss Street’s authority to invest county funds. Supervisors said that while Street has done a good job as treasurer, the move was needed to prevent the public and investors from losing confidence in the county’s investment pool until Street’s term ends on Jan. 3, 2011.