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OC Vector Control District Terminates District Manager

UPDATED: It seems that Mr. Goedhart had not been happy with the way things were going at the district. On March 15th he sent a letter to the president and Board of Directors announcing his intent to resign in 13 months unless several demands were adressed by the board. He outlined seven points of contention between him and the board, specifically some individual members and the board’s Operations Committee. Goedhart’s grievances had taken place over the past 5 months and had not been resolved to his satisfaction.

Health Care Reform Passes House – Loretta Sanchez Votes Yes.

“This was probably the most difficult vote I’ve cast during my time in Congress. After decades of failed attempts at reform, this Congress was given an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to finally fix our broken health care system. And just like any once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, there was a lot of pressure to deliver a perfect bill, one that would be cost-effective and deficit-neutral while increasing health care quality and decreasing the number of uninsured.

Anger Management or Inconsistent Ramblings?

I’d like to pay tribute this week for our number one reader of the week, Orange Joke blogger Sean H. Mill, who has read every word in our posts and comments by other readers with a jaudiced eye to call for truth, justice and the American way.  My fellow LiberalOC blogger Chris Prevatt is the…