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Legendary UCLA Basketball Coach John Wooden Dies

The greatest basketball coach in history is gone. UCLA’s John Wooden has died at 99.  I had the pleasure of introducing Coach Wooden at a sales meeting for a technology company I worked for in Irvine.  He discussed his pillars of success and it was as inspirational a speech as anything Ive ever heard.  Since…

Harrah Seeks to Usurp Voters Will

I received the e-mail early this morning and felt this needed to be brought to the attention of people at once. So here we go, this is an e-mail from Vince Fregoso in the Santa Ana Planning Department. Apparently Mike Harrah is seeking “amdendments” to the Developer Agreement that was approved by the voters of Santa Ana in April of 2005.

OCRegister Endorses Nelson based on a Single Issue

I read today that the Orange County Register has endorsed 4th District Supervisor Candidate Shawn Nelson. I cannot say that I am surprised, and their reasons given flow with their editorial desk’s general anti-public employee stance. But what their endorsement also does is clarify what we’ve always suspected. The political position of the editorial board…

Don Henley Kicks Chuck DeVore’s Ass in Court

HT to our friends at the Huffington Post but State Rep. Chuck DeVore has already lost his first battle of the month and its not even primary day. DeVore lost a lawsuit for his campaign’s parodies of Don Henley songs to attack Senator Barbara Boxer. Chuck’s claim to fame here – he’s the first political to lose a lawsuit over a song parody. So much for that copy of the pocket Constitution. Perhaps an expanded edition dealing with First Amendment law will fit on Chuck’s iPad.

Deputies PAC to Review Hunt Support After Primary Election

“Due to the close proximity of Election Day coupled with our independent expenditure efforts it is legally unadvisable to interact or coordinate with the candidate at this time. AOCDS-PAC will conclude its review of all information as well as discuss any concerns with the candidate as soon as practicable following the June 8, 2010 election.”

Former City Manager Asks: You want this job?!

Teri Sforza over at the OC Register has an interesting follow up to the OC Watchdog Report on City manager compensation. While I am not particularly happy with the way some government administrators handle things, I can sympathize wtih these managers on the frustration such jobs bring. That is probably why these folks get paid as well as they do.

Sheriff Sandra Hutchens

Yesterday I was given the opportunity to interview Sheriff Sandra Hutchens. So, I was given an hour with our Sheriff. We covered several topics. The hot button item of Concealed Weapons Permits (CCW) was one. I guess it’s inevitable, given the drama around her decision to review who had been given them.