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Hundreds turn out for Phu Nguyen’s Assembly Campaign fundraiser

On Friday January 29th more than 200 people turned out to support Phu Nguyen at his campaign fundraising dinner. Elected officials from across California were present to show their support for Phu Nguyen who is running for California State Assembly to represent the 68th district. The seat is currently held by Assemblyman Van Tran who hopes…

IOKIYAR (It’s OK if You’re a Republican): the John Campbell edition

Rep. John Campbell, the Congres-man from Irvine (yes editors, spelled deliberately that way because that’s the way Campbell’s people spell “Congress”) gives a new gift to us for the category of “It’s OK if You’re a Republican.”  First up, the Congres-man admonishes President Obama’s handling of the Christmas Day underwear bomber on Jon Fleischman’s FlashReport. …

OC Weekly Busts Pulido- What Happens Now?

First Bob Dornan, then Mike Carona, now it seems R. Scott Moxley has done it again by exposing Santa Ana Mayor-For-Life Miguel Pulido and his connections to the vending truck industry in Santa Ana. Apparently the Mayor forgot to disclose lot’s of details about his connection to Abel Foods, which is the main provider to vending trucks in Santa Ana.