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Rep. Loretta Sanchez Introduces New Federal Stalking Legislation

“Physical stalking, cyberstalking, and other acts of intimidation are serious crimes that deserve serious consequences,” said Rep. Sanchez. “Unfortunately, existing federal law doesn’t do enough to protect victims and empower prosecutors. My bill would do both by strengthening existing laws to ensure all forms of harassment are taken seriously in the eyes of the law.”

OC Republican Delegation Says Tough Luck To Unemployed and Troubled Homeowners

UPDATED: “House votes to extend jobless benefits” – On Tuesday, House Democrats revived legislation to extend unemployment benefits after previous legislation failed to pass the Senate. The new House bill, HR 5618, only addresses the unemployment extension. If approved, it would have allowed the more recently-unemployed to continue getting extended benefits and Fed-Ed aid through November. It would be retroactive to May and June.

What Blog War?

  Art Pedroza has declared an end to the Orange County blogs wars and made himself a martyr to the cause.  While it’s all great theater, it’s a song many of us have heard before.  There isn’t a blogwar with the Orange Juice and Art, but there is the matter of a pending lawsuit.  And…

Sanchez: “I’m siding with Orange County families not Wall St. firms”

“As we rebuild Orange County’s economy, we must put in place common-sense rules to ensure Wall Street and the Big Banks never again gamble with our money and our future,” said Rep. Sanchez. “Wall Street firms may be bouncing back, but Californians continue to suffer from the consequences of their actions. This bill is about whose side you’re on, and I’m on the side of working families.”

Irvine Approves New City Budget

This came in from Irvine Mayor Sukhee Kang this morning.  It’s a responsible budget that draws on the city’s rainy day fund while holding costs down and not cutting city services – an enviable position compared to many other cities in California. From the Mayor: “I’m pleased to announce that the City Council has adopted…