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Rep. Loretta Sanchez Introduces Groundwater Replenishment System Legislation

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez (CA-47)announced that she has introduced a bill to help improve Orange County’s access to clean, reliable sources of water. H.R. 5039 would authorize $26 million in federal funding for the expansion of the Orange County Water District’s Groundwater Replenishment System (GWRS). The largest water purification project of its kind in the world, the GWRS takes highly treated wastewater and purifies it to levels that meet state and federal drinking water standards.

Fraud Suit Filed Against BoS Candidate Shawn Nelson

The Orange County Register reported that Fullerton council member and Republican BoS candidate Shawn Nelson might need to hired his own lawyer to defend himself in a fraud lawsuit related to a stock sale for a failing martini bar in Fullerton.  The lawsuit, filed by a former Nelson business partner, seeks $285,000 in damages for…

Van Tran-Nobody, Including Reporters, Knows His Name

So we have these Tax Day/Tea Party protessts in Santa Ana yesterday. We have GOP speakers from all across the county lining up to speak at these protests. Then we add to the mix a reporter for a relatively new online publication covering the event. In his story, posted on Thursday afternoon he wrote the following…

The Update on my Last Team

This was a special team.  I’ve had the pleasure of coaching five all-star basketball teams and none of them have even gone as far as this great group of kids.  I’m appreciative of the Irvine Youth Basketball League for selecting me to coach them.  I’m appreciative of the hard work of my assistant coaches Walter…

California Federation of Labor Endorses Phu Nguyen for 68th State Assembly

Fountain Valley, CA – The California Federation of Labor and the Orange County Labor Federation (OCLF) has endorsed  Phu Nguyen for the 68th State Assembly. Tefere Gebre, OC Labor Federation’s Executive Director stated, “We are pleased to announce our endorsement for Phu Nguyen who will be a strong friend of working people in the 68th State…

Tonite: Drinking Liberally Santa Ana – An Anti-Tea Party

As we do every week, tonight we hold our Drinking Liberally gathering in Santa Ana. In response to the rallies of people across the country who have been fooled, by an astro-turf movement created by corporate interests that care nothing about the people they are whipping up into mini-riots, we raise a glass to democracy. We are not loosing it. We are actually gaining it back, bit by bit, through the efforts of a few bold Democrats in Congress working to free us from the grip of corporate control of our government and elected officials.