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Republican Candidate for Governor is a Registered Sex Offender, Born-Again Tea Partier


The Los Angeles Times story on this Republican candidate for governor doesn’t do Glenn Champ from Tollhouse, California justice.  You have to go to his website to read his platform for governor.  As a Democrat, I can only pray that Republicans embrace more candidates like Champ. Champ is a barely functional literate, born-again Christian, Tea…

Who’s Running the “SaveAnaheim” Blog?

anon blogger

“SaveAnaheim,” a blog founded by Jason Young that insists on transparency from Anaheim City Government and the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce, apparently can talk the talk but not walk the walk. In a comment on our post about Lorri Galloway’s mayoral HQ opening, Young wrote: “I don’t control the content of Save Anaheim nor the approval…