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Minimum Wage Increase Will Not Kill Jobs


It’s a classic argument offered by Libertarian economists; “an increase in the minimum wage will kill jobs.” The problem with the argument is that the facts show this isn’t the case. A 2011 study found that minimum wages don’t hurt the employment prospects of low-wage workers.

MSNBC Documentary on Selling the Iraq War Debuts Tonight

It’s been 10 years since President George W. Bush used the State of the Union address to lie this nation into war with the claim that Iraq had been stockpiling materials and enriched uranium to manufacture Weapons of Mass Destruction for use against America and our allies.  Tonight, Rachel Maddow narrates a documentary on the…

Medical Device Tax Concerns Overblown

The Orange County Business Council’s Lucy Dunn posted a blog item on the OCBC’s blog expressing concern about the Medical Device Tax that its part of the Affordable HealthCare Act hurting Orange County’s local economy due to the large number of medical device makers here in Orange County.  Dunn’s concerns echo that of any new…

The State of the Union

In case the coverage in Big Bear distracted you from the State of the Union, it was an ambitious speech by President Obama with a call for a national pre-school program to help kids get off to a better start, a new call for manufacturing excellence to help restore the middle class economy, and a…