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Chandra Wallar Says No Thanks to OC Dysfunction


After the Orange County Board of Supervisors demonstrated on Tuesday that they could not make a motion, much less a decision, on a salary to offer their choice for CEO, their Second choice for the job, Santa Barbara CEO Chandra Wallar sent the Board a letter telling them no thanks.

Choi’s Folly: How to Pay for The Great Park Library

Irvine Mayor Steven Choi’s central vision for Irvine’s Great Park includes the construction of a 200,000 square foot central library, and the library was a central theme in his State of the City address in late February.  What’s missing from this vision — any detailed plan for paying for this structure. Choi told the Register…

Is It Time for an “OC Weekly Deathwatch” column?

I’m going to answer my own question right away and say “not now,” but last week the 50-year old Boston Phoenix ceased publication after a long history of alt-weekly excellence.  The Phoenix’s death is attributable more to changing readers habits instead of excellent journalism and newer formats.  A situation our own OC Weekly might also…

Actual Cost of Iraq War Could Approach $4 Trillion

  The meme from my Republican friends who hate President Obama and Democrats in general is Obama has “bankrupted our country and eroded our civil liberties.”  What short memories they have.  Next week marks the tenth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq seeking WMDs that were never found.  Brown University has released a study on the…