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More Motel Hell for Norby

It was believed Assemblyman Chris Norby (R-Fullerton) had been cleared on charges that he improperly used campaign funds to pay for a motel stay while he was separated from wife #3 a few years back (he later repaid his campaign for the funds).  The LA Times is reporting that Norby isn’t quite in the clear…

Solorio Names Marisol Rivera as the 69th AD Woman of the Year

Assemblyman Solorio and Woman of the Year honoree Marisol Rivera, an Orange County labor organizer (center), on the Assembly floor for 2012 Woman of the Year ceremonies

Assemblyman Jose Solorio’s (D-Anaheim) choice for his Sixty-Ninth Assembly District’s Woman of the Year is one of Orange County’s most dedicated labor leaders –Marisol Rivera, an Orange County labor organizer. “I would like to personally thank Marisol Rivera for her passion to discover the potential in her fellow workers,” says Solorio. “Marisol’s life story and…

Daly Gets Big S.O.A.R. Endorsement for AD-69

The Support Our Anaheim Resort District Political Action Committee (S.O.A.R PAC) has announced its endorsement of Tom Daly for the 69th Assembly District. During his tenure as Anaheim Mayor, from 1992-2002, Daly was a lead advocate for the creation of the Anaheim Resort District. To date, he remains a strong supporter and continues to recognize the value of the Anaheim Resort District.

Kang Officially Opens Congressional Campaign Office

Congressional Candidate Sukhee Kang is announcing the opening of a Congressional campaign office in Irvine, California. The office will help volunteers organize in advance of the June 5th primary election, where Sukhee Kang will be one of three candidates running for two positions on the general election ballot.

No Sanctuary for Homeless in Downtown Santa Ana


As the county seat of government, and second largest city, Santa Ana’s Civic Center is a magnet for the homeless. For decades the city has been wrestling with the problem of homelessness with little progress. The City’s most notable accomplishment was in 1992 when Santa Ana passed its anti-camping ordinance in order to eradicate the tent city set up by the homeless in the Civic Center.

It’s Accurate But It’s Not True”

I’m a sucker for movies about media and journalism.  Citizen Kane, The Philadephia Story, All The President’s Men, The Paper..all excellent flicks. In 1981, Paul Neuman and Sally Field starred in “Absence of Malice,” which did a decent job of teaching the public about what constitutes libel and defamation around a weak cloak and dagger…