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Rep. John Campbell’s Republican Challenger to Host an Event in OC

    After the lines for congressional districts were redrawn, you’d think Republicans would leave incumbent office holders alone.  But conservation Republican John Webb of Orange County (to the right in the short sleeve blue shirt) will be hosting an event featuring an “ex-marxist college classmate” of President Obama who will surely tell the conserverati…

OCYD Selects New Board Officers

OCYD Board of Directors 2012 (Photo by Lou Delgado)

Orange County Young Democrats elected Jose Vargas as Chair at the organization’s regular Monthly meeting. Jose was chosen to fill the seat of past OCYD Chair Nick Anas. Nick Anas is now working as the Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Orange County.

Three Slates of Candidates for the Fullerton Recall?

Now that recall petitions have been certified in Fullerton for the recall of three conservative Republican city council members in Fullerton, we anticipate three distinct slates of candidates to emerge.  The first is simply the No Recall slate that aims to keep council members Dick Jones, Pat McKinley and Don Bankhead in power on the…

AD 72: Tyler Diep Un-dips His Toe From Assembly Contest

Tyler Diep Unplugged

Seven days after taking the fundraising lead, raising $120,000 at the end of 2011, in the newly drawn central Orange County 72nd Assembly District contest, Westminster City Councilman, and state renowned triple-dipper, Tyler Diep announced he was dropping out of the race. He did so in a statement published in the Vietnamese language publication Người Việt. According…

Voices From Street Corners: 2012 Quite a Year Already

Retail Center - South Orange County

Thinking about the state of leadership in the country right now I recalled this thought from Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Fiat and the Chrysler Group: “…. Leadership is not a quantitative thing…people either smell it in you or they don’t…People need to trust you that you’re going to pull them out and they will follow you when you pull them out. If they don’t get that comfort, they’re going to drop you.

But Nuclear Power is Perfectly Safe….Isn’t It?

Where’s Chuck DeVore when you need him? Of course, he’s in Texas writing fiction about the Rick Perry miracle.  But close to home and across the Pacific, the ‘nuclear power is perfectly safe” argument continues to lose some luster. First off in Japan, things are still bad at the damaged nuclear reactor in the Northern…