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Commie Girl is the New Wonkette

Rebecca Schoenkopf

Back in the early days of political blogging, 2004 to be exact, a sex scandal in Washington DC over a blog called the “Washingtonienne,” a first person account of a young woman’s .. ahem, multitasking skills, at juggling a number of politically connected boyfriends — including a Republican Congressional staffers — drew a considerable amount of Internet…

A Word on Andrew Breitbart’s Passing

Andrew Breitbart is dead and allow us to take the high road and express our sympathies to his wife and four children who now must go on without a husband and father.  The local newspapers have considerably different accounts of Mr. Breitbart with the OC Register taking the apporach he uncovered government corruption and media…

AD-69 Push Poll Clarity

A recent poll for AD-69 was leaked around mid week and while it represents the first such polling in the hotly contested AD-69 race, we’re skeptical of the results.  The poll from David Binder Research shows a dead heat between OC Clerk Recorder Tom Daly and Republican Robert Hammond.  This is a district that is…

Social Service Agency Building Sits on Toxic Waste


On Monday, the County of Orange Social Services Agency called employees working at the Agency facility located at 840 N. Eckhoff Street in Orange for an urgent meeting to discuss toxic waste tests at the location. It turns out, they’ve found significant levels of perchloroethylene, a known carcinogen, in the ground under the facility.

The Bushala-zation of Fullerton has Begun

There’s been considerable speculation that the recall of three conservative members of the Fullerton City Council led by Friends for Fullerton’s Future blogger Tony Bushala is less about the mishandling of the Kelly Thomas case and more about replacing city council members with Bushala cronies who will do his bidding.  It’s no longer “speculation” but rather…