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OC Weekly Cover Story Belittles Kelly Thomas’ Death


Sometimes a parody of “Where’s Waldo” works and sometimes it doesn’t.  This weekend’s OC Weekly has a cover story about African-Americans in Orange County (or the lack of them) and the piece itself is a great story, well researched and well crafted.  Read it.  The cover art might shock you if you look closely. The…

Give Irvine Families Patience to Heal

Editor’s Note: I met Michael Ghaemi about 18 months ago while helping an Irvine Persian-American Community with community outreach for several public service efforts to better connect the community with city and county resources.  Mr. Ghaemi was the driver of a car that was struck by an alleged drunk driver; the accident killed his daughter’s…

The $75 million mess that OC Republican arrogance has delivered


For all their claims of fiscal responsibility Republican elected officials, from the Board of Supervisors to the state legislative delegation, have demonstrated that ideological arrogance is a one way street to disaster. The victims of these disasters are the taxpayers of Orange County and, more directly, the taxpayers who rely on county services for support.