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Tea Party Tries to Occupy Congress; Advocates Cruel Spending Cuts

Hat Tip to the Washington Posts’ WonkBlog for news that TeaParty has decided to launch their own version of Occupy by targeting Congress’ Supercommittee and advocate spending cuts that make Draconian sound almost generous.  A branch of the TeaParty was removed from the Senate’s Russell building because Senate officials the TeaParty presentation on deficit reduction was…

Tustin Hires New City Manager

  Hat tip to the Our Town Tustin blog for news of Tustin’s new city manager, Jeff Parker, who will take over the city manager’s office in December. Parker, who was hired on a 5-0 vote of the city council, is the city manager in Claremont.  He previously served as a city manager in Walnut where the city amassed a $20…

Bank Transfer Day Was A Success


A week after Bank Transfer Day we are starting to learn the impact of the populist uprising against outrageous and greedy big banks. On Saturday November 5th at least 40,000 customers opened accounts at credit unions alone.