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Pulido Gets Hit With Negative Mail in Santa Ana


The most closely watched mayoral contest in Orange County is between Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido and Councilman David Benavides. Santa Ana mailboxes recently received a hit piece against Pulido from an independent expenditure campaign, Stand Up Santa Ana Coalition. The mail piece asks “Why do local leaders and police officers oppose Mayor Miguel Pulido?” on one side. On the…

Gangham Style Elections

The runaway hit “Gangham Style” has spawned two parody videos “RomneyStyle and “ObamaStyle.”  The Democrats seem to have better production values and a closer redentition to the original video. I’m posting both if you need a break from hard core politicking and need a laugh.  Tell us what you think.

Calling Someone a Retard: IOKIYAR

Conservative pundit Ann Coulter must have a new book out because of the bombs she’s dropping on Twitter and on Talk Show.  Coulter tweeted a message that she thought it was OK for GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney to “be kind and gentle to the retard.”  So Coulter calls the President of the United States…