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Romney’s Debate Performance Didn’t Change the Game

Denver Debate

Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama met in Denver, CO for the first of three Presidential Debates. Romney was aggressive and sure of himself during his performance, while Obama was calm, reserved, and deliberate in his. Romney needed a game changing performance last night, and that didn’t happen.

Who is Pulling Steven Choi’s Puppet Strings?

Republican Mayoral candidate Steven Choi’s onion-thin skin has been pierced again by effective mailers that spell out his record — that Choi voted against Irvine City Budgets in 2009 and 2010 and in doing so voted against public safety, city funding for public schools, parks & recreation issues and other infrastructure improvements simply because Choi, like…

Quirk-Silva gets backing from First Responders

CALIFORNIA FIRST RESPONDERS WANT SHARON QUIRK-SILVA IN SACRAMENTO FULLERTON, CA – The Sharon Quirk-Silva campaign, today, announced the endorsement of the California Professional Firefighters, joining a growing list of public safety groups across the state that have endorsed Quirk-Silva for her race in the 65th Assembly District. With a membership of more than 30,000, California…

Santa Ana Council Lets In a Little Sunshine


On Monday, the Santa Ana City Council took a step forward towards actual transparency with the approval of a proposed Sunshine Ordinance. There was unanimous council agreement on some portions of the Ordinance so the proposals consideration was split into two votes, allowing for members Pulido, Alvarez, and Bustamante to cast votes in support of a portion of the ordinance.

LA Times: Yes on 30, No on 38

It’s newspaper endorsement season and the competing ballot measures that most benefit schools have been reviewed by the editorial board at the LA Times.  In this morning’s editions, the paper comes out for Prop 30 backed by Governor Jerry Brown and no to Prop 38 backed by Molly Munger. Expect the John and Ken crowd…