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Register Opinion Pages Offer Advice for GOP

  In spite of a public announcement of sorts about changes and “diversity” in its editorial pages, OC’s largest daily newspaper’s opinion pages have a Brokeback Mountain relationship with the GOP; they just can’t quit you Republicans which is why Sunday’s editorials featured not one but two editorials offering advice for the GOP on how…

Can Biometrics Solve Problem of Gun Violence?

In the wake of Newtown, CT, Christopher Dorner, the theater shooting in Colorado, Columbine and a host of other terrible shooting assaults on a defenseless public, there are calls for greater legislation to ban assault weapons and proposals to arm elemetnary school teachers and even janitors with weapons. A poll published last week in the…

Update: Irvine Fires City Attorney

An Update: The Voice of OC has this story on the firing of Irvine’s city attorney and the political retribution tour continues.  So who will the council majority give a no-bid contract to for serving as Interim city attorney? The Irvine City Council held a special closed session meeting yesterday afternoon with very short notice from…

Chandra Wallar Says No Thanks to OC Dysfunction


After the Orange County Board of Supervisors demonstrated on Tuesday that they could not make a motion, much less a decision, on a salary to offer their choice for CEO, their Second choice for the job, Santa Barbara CEO Chandra Wallar sent the Board a letter telling them no thanks.