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You can tell we’re winning by the way they’re whining

If you want to get a handle on who’s winning and who’s losing in the presidential race, turn to social media.  We’re winning and they are whining.  My Facebook exchanges have been downright magical.  One OC Conservative posted that he “refuses to give his consent to be governed by Barack Obama and California Democrats.” One…

The Trader Joe’s Encounter, Part II: The Lie

So on to Part II of my Sunday night encounter with Dr. No.  I asked Irvine Republican Mayoral candidate Steven Choi about a flyer promoting his candidacy that was dropped off at my door.  The flyer contained a cheap photocopied story on an OC Register story written by Thomas Martinez that reported on an inaccurate…

Krom Responds to LA Times article on Great Park

Irvine council member Beth Krom sent us this op-ed posted in response to an LA Times story about the Great Park.  We’re posting it here with links to the original story.  Regardless of your opinion of the Park and it’s progress, if you were an Irvine homeowner 10 years ago, your home’s values are higher…

It’s Not All About the Swing-States


If you watch the cable news channels you may have gotten the impression that the only place where voters matter is in the swing-states. At times it seems the two presidential candidates are running for President of Virginwiscoflohiowa. While that election is getting all the attention, there are some important votes in California that could swing the balance of political power away from middle-class Californians for years to come.