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The Silence of the FFFFers

It’s been nearly two weeks since Friends for Fullerton’s Future webmaster and short-time councilman Travis Kiger was defeated by “Landslide” Jan Flory by a whopping 29 votes.  There was no recount as Kiger likely didn’t have the money to pay for it and Tony Bushala — someone who could afford to — decided not to…

Irvine’s Pervs in the Park Ordinance is Unconstitutional

Harvard Park, Irvine

One of the platforms that Irvine Republicans ran on in November’s election was how Council member Larry Agran weakened a county ordinance to protect kids in Irvine’s park against child sexual predators and child pornographers complete with a nasty hit piece with a photo of a hooded pervert stalking little kids. That pervert was later…

25 World AIDS Days Later – Looking Forward!


On an afternoon in August 1988, I learned that I had tested positive for HIV infection. The doctor told me not to worry just come back in 6 months and get tested again. As far as I knew then, I had just been given a death sentence so I just went about my life thinking I would be dead in a year or so.

What Reagan Revolution?

With the election behind us and in the books and time being short because of the holidays, the Letters to the Editor section of the OC Register has been a great source of amusement of angst-filled conservatives bemoaning a bluer county and a bluer California and America for that matter. My favorite single factoid to…

Allan Bartlett to Join Irvine Finance Commission

Libertarian and conservative media darling Allan Bartlett is getting an appointment to the Irvine City Finance Commission courtesy of council member-elect Christina Shea, according to sources inside Irvine City Hall.  Bartlett runs an investment practice in the city and always seems to show up when the OC press needs a conservative quote for a story.…