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Who has the Amplest Derriere’s in OC Politics?


Santa Ana blogger (and three time failed candidate for office) Art Pedroza made a reference to Irvine Mayor Pro Tem Beth Krom in one of his posts on his new OC Politics blog that he hoped Irvine voters would “toss out Krom on her ample derriere” in the next election.  The first thing we thought…

Dick Cheney – a Bleeding Heart Liberal


Last week, former Vice President Dick Cheney made news when it was discovered he was the recipient of a heart transplant.  What wasn’t revealed until now is that Cheney’s donor was a bleeding heart liberal from Cambridge, Massachusetts who was a strong anti-Iraq war advocate, pro-Gay marriage, Pro-legalized marijuana, and Pro-Obama Harvard graduate student Biff…

I’m Running for Mayor

It’s April and there’s no declared Democratic candidate for Mayor in Irvine. So I’m throwing my hat into the ring to run against Council member Steven Choi. So what if I’m a way to the left liberal that makes Larry Agran look like a conservative?  I’ve been in Irvine for 15 years.  I’ve coached enough…