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Santa Ana’s 6th Annual Health & Fitness Fair is Saturday

Anyone who’s seen the unflattering image of Santa Ana in the HBO Documentary “The Weight of the Nation” might want to attend a successful event this Saturday designed to change this perception in a hurry. The City of Santa Ana, together with netz 4 Life, Latino Health Access and Northgate Markets, will play host to the city’s 6th…

Jesus Christ or Ayn Rand: Pick One, Conservatives

Congressman John Campbell is a fan of fiction author Ayn Rand, but he views on limited government and Libertarianism are completely opposite of Jesus Chris.  Too often , conservatives wear their faith on their sleeve while coveting values that run completely opposite of Christ’s teachings. There’s a terrific article

Amante Develops Amnesia, and Takes the Low Road Again

After 24 hours, the team at the City of Tustin finally managed to get the video of Tuesday night’s council meeting up and running.  And Pam Keller was eloquent and classy in dressing down Boss Tweed Jerry Amante for being a bully and refusing to work with Councilwoman Deborah Gavello.  In brief remarks at the…

Why Sharon Quirk-Silva Needs to be Elected to the State Assembly

Whether it’s State Assembly or Congress, residents in Irvine continue to get the short end of the stick when it comes to representation in Sacramento or Washington.  State Rep. Don Wagner and Congressman John Campbell place the interests of the Republican Party ahead of those of their residents of their Assembly and Congressional Districts with…

Pot Calling the Kettle Black in Santa Ana

Blogsphere readers on Mother’s Day were treated to OCPoliticsBlog blogger Art Pedroza throwing yet another old friend under the bus with a post berating BoS candidate Todd Spitzer for hiring Orange Juice blogger Vern Nelson to play piano at a Spitzer holiday party.