Obama Inauguration

THE Obama Inaugural Photo

Phenomenal! This photo is unlike any other and cannot be posted on our site. Have a look here and you will see why. It’s well worth the trip. For some more information about how the photo was created, check this out. (h/t to Facebook friend Michael David Fox)

Olbermann’s Tribute To Bush

At last. The Bush administration has ended. Wednesday night on Countdown Keith Olbermann presented this fitting tribute to King George ” the Worst.” Visit msnbc.com for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

Just In Case!

Earlier today President Barack Obama and Chief Justice John Roberts had a oath of office redo in the White House’s Map Room. Constitutionally President Obama became POTUS Tuesday at noon, but constitutional scholars also pointed out that the oath of office is also a constitutional requirement… so what happens when the Chief Justice and the…

Notes from the Inauguration

From Misha Houser and Bill Spaulding at the Inauguration in Washington, D.C. We arrived at the National Mall around 7am, after a brisk 2 mile walk from the last operating bus stop in Foggy Bottom (DC neighborhood). We walked to the ticketed section line and walked with approximately 200K of our closest friends… and I say…

Tibor Mahan’s Clueless Editorial

I sure hope Chapman University professor and Register contributor Tibor Machan was watching the millions of Americans who braved the cold in Washington DC to witness the inauguration of a new president today.  Mahan’s column in this morning’s paper was nothing short of a wet blanket on the inauguration of a new president; I have…