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Goodbye 2012

As we stand on the edge of the fiscal cliff, waiting to see if the Republicans in Congress choose to walk back from the edge with Democrats or jump—pulling us all over into an economic abyss, I want to recall with you some of the highlights of 2012.

U.S. Unemployment Drops to 7.7 percent


The Bureau of Labor Statistics released it’s monthly jobs report this morning. The numbers show that the employment situation in the country as a whole is getting better. The Unemployment rate has dropped to 7.7%, the lowest level in four years.

25 World AIDS Days Later – Looking Forward!


On an afternoon in August 1988, I learned that I had tested positive for HIV infection. The doctor told me not to worry just come back in 6 months and get tested again. As far as I knew then, I had just been given a death sentence so I just went about my life thinking I would be dead in a year or so.