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Supreme Court Strikes Down Voting Rights Act Formula

The Supreme Court issued decisions three of the remaining six cases before it in the 2012-13 session today; Striking down the formula provisions of the Voting Rights Act. “Our decision in no way affects the permanent, nationwide ban on racial discrimination in voting found in [Section] 2…”

Supreme Court Rules on Fisher v. UT Austin

This morning the U.S. Supreme Court issued 5 of 11 remaining decisions for the 2012-13 session. Most notable case was Fisher v. UT Austin, the affirmative action case. In a 7-1 decision The Fifth Circuit is vacated and remanded, its decision affirming the district court’s grant of summary judgment was incorrect. Ginsburg dissents alone. Kagan was recused.

Jose Solorio’s TEA Party Moment

My first reaction to the image of Jose Solorio shaking hands with Texas Senator Ted Cruz at the Orange County Republican Party’s Flag Day fundraiser was; “what was Jose trying to prove,” I wondered? He’s running for the 34th Senate seat in 2014, as a Democrat, for Christ’s sake.

Supreme Court Decision a Victory for Human Rights

The Supreme Court declared on Thursday that the anti-prostitution loyalty oath (APLO), a policy that requires organizations to adopt the U.S. government’s point of view as a condition of receiving U.S. global HIV funds, violates the First Amendment when it is applied to U.S. organizations. The decision allows U.S. organizations to address the HIV and AIDS epidemic with evidence-based interventions, free from discrimination and political agendas.

Blind Faith – CA Budget Bill Makes Records Disclosure Voluntary

The investigative reporting that exposed the government impropriety on the part of the officials of the City of Bell would not be possible if legislation passed as part of the state budget is signed into law. Because these laws place a mandated cost on to local entities, legislators and the governor, are trying to prevent local agencies from demanding reimbursement from the state for their compliance by making all of its provisions voluntary.