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Does Spelling Count?

Much to the chagrin of our favorite blog troll “DKMFAN” (hi Sean Mill!), Matt Cunningham and I are Facebook friends and we do carry on a combination of chatter and debate on our respective Facebook pages.  Lately, the conversation has to do with President Obama’s action (or inaction) in regards to Libya. No regardless of…

DeVore’s Silence on Japan’s Nuclear Crisis Surprises

While Chuck DeVore is no longer an elected official and his exploratory committee for the Third District’s supervisor’s seat demonstrates his eagerness to return to public sector life, he was the state’s biggest advocate for more nuclear energy throughout his six year assembly term and ill-fated run for the US Senate.  A quick scan of…

Faces of Egypt through the eyes of an OC Man

Fullerton’s Drew Cornick is the son of LiberalOC friend Sunbie Harrell, who helped us at last Spring’s NUFF event on political blogging.  He contacted me last week about some extraordinary photos he took in Egypt and has extended permission for us to publish them. Drew’s Project Uprising shows a fantastic body of work and one…

Mubarak Finally Steps Down in Egypt

Hosni Mubarak

In the latest episode of Egypt’s “Top Presidential Chef” the Armed Forces Supreme Council has decided; “Hosni, please pack up your knives and go.” It is unclear whether he will be able to keep the 2011 Ford Escape he won in a previous episode.

Voices From Street Corners (Vol 14)


In a few days, the first month of 2011 will be history. It has been quite a month in our County, our Country and our World. As I write this, I am listening to live feeds from Al Jazeera on the upheaval in Egypt and can’t help but be amazed and proud of all those…