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SiteMeter working again

Apparently, the SiteMeter system is back up and running. Here is the explanation they have placed on their main page. SiteMeter IE Issues Resolved Dear SiteMeter Users, We have become aware of a compatibility issue with our SiteMeter tracking code and IE 7 (possibly IE 6) browsers that started sometime last night. The problem was…

Sitemeter Crashing Web Sites Using Internet Explorer

We apologize if you’ve been trying to visit the site this evening and it’s been down. We just discovered that the SiteMeter ( tracking code that counts visitors to our site was causing visits from Internet Explorer to crash.  We first realized the issue at 7:00pm Pacific Daylight Time (PDT). After further investigation, and notification from…

Red vs Blue

When I worked in Commercial Radio back in New York State, it didn’t really matter when the Arbitron Ratings Book came out, because whatever station you worked for was destined to be #1.  Number one in adults 18-49, #1 in adults 34 and up, #1 country, #1 in news and talk, #1 FM rocker….it didn’t…

Email from Right Wingers

I am on a couple of email lists from rabid right wingers. I delighted the faux outrage against Obama from this email, but please see the article below making the rounds among convservatives today. Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Bastille Day!

Conservatives, it seems, still hate France.  Remember the “John Kerry looks French: insult a Bush campaign official saids about the Massachusetts Senator?  A good conservative pal of mine once suggested we send the Statute of Liberty back because “it came from France.”

Peak Oil and Economic Limits

We’ve had a debate about global warming; so what about the economic and environmental effects of our consumption of oil? h/t to Wu Ming over at Surf Putah blog who found this on The Oil Drum. The reality here is that in addition to the problem of global climate change, which the vast majority of scientists…