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Vote NO on Prop 32: Not What It Looks Like


On the ballot this season is Proposition 32, an initiative which claims to bring an end to special interests spending in California elections. Sounds like a good idea, if that were what it actually did. Proposition 32 is a reboot of two previous attempts by Orange County based anti-union activists to stop the ability of unions to participate in California politics.

Romney likes to fire people, and Big Bird too!


A firestorm of outrage erupted when Governor Mitt Romney told Americans in the first presidential debate that he would “fire Big Bird” if elected President. Folks may remember back during the Republican presidential nomination process when Romney told voters that he “likes firing people.”

Brown Signs Same Day Voter Registration Bill

Jerry Brown 8-04-2010 (Photo courtesy Lou Delgado)

“Voting—the sacred right of every citizen—should be simple and convenient,” said Governor Brown. “While other states try to restrict voters with new laws that burden the process, California allows voters to register online—and even on Election Day.”

Today is National Voter Registration Day


The National Association of Secretaries of State voted in the summerto officially declare September 25 National Voter Registration Day. Over 1,000 organizations have come together to set up an unprecedented online and offline effort on September 25th to do for voter registration what Earth Day did for environmental activism with National Voter Registration Day.