Marla Miller

Marla Miller’s byline first appeared on The Daily Pilot’s editorial page. From 1991-2006 she wrote OCRegister's Coast Magazine spotlighting OC civic & business leaders. She was founding editor of a Newport Coast lifestyle magazine, 2006-2009. A Daley Democrat from Chicago’s south side, her reinvestment in the body politic was triggered by the 2008 national elections. Her viewpoint is informed from her childhood and from living and raising her family in OC for almost three decades. ‘Fairness’ themes inspire her political writing.

The Power of Palin

When Sarah Palin was introduced as McCain’s running mate less than 24 hours after Barack Obama accepted the nomination, this staunch Obama supporter (who took lots of grief for not joining the 18 million women who supported Hillary) said out loud to my TV, “Oh shit.” Almost two years later, the phrase still applies. So…