Steve Perez

is a young political operative, and life-time resident of Anaheim. His parents immigrated to the US illegally in the 70's and settled with their respective families within 1 block of where he currently resides. Since then they've become US Citizens, home-owners, and completed their education. Steve takes a special interest in federal politics, the Gay Right's Movement, and corruption in the political process. Most recently, he helped elect Lon Hurwitz to the Superior Court Bench, as the campaign's Field Manager and Campaign Coordinator.

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NO ON 8… A Little too Late

You know we all saw it. We all noticed it; the Yes on 8ers had more energy, more determination, and more campaign signs… a lot more. At every intersection that a small rally was held, there was always significantly more Yes on 8ers then there were No on 8ers. It was very unfortunate that The…

The Mouse Effect

What was once thought of as a one-time effort of political consolidation to prevent the permeation of housing into the infamous Anaheim Resort District has now become a full fledged attempt of Disneyland’s political ascension. Disney has lined the coffers of the California Republican Party, Anaheim Chamber of Commerce, and the S.O.A.R. initiative with hundreds…