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Source: http://ordinaryfaces.blogspot.com, retrieved 8/4/2010 I have had over 18 years experience in Operations, Finance and Administration for Small to Medium Size Businesses, start-ups and publicly held companies. I have also had the good fortune to be involved in the community in various capacities. I have served as an intern on the Staff of a LA City Councilman, worked as a poll watcher for a Congressional Candidate and served as Vic Chair for the City of Laguna Niguel Public Safety and Emergency Prepardness Committee for 2009. In addition to my on-going business interests, I also served as an Adjunct Professor for a number of years. Furthermore, I moderate the following sites focused on US & World Affairs: 1) http://www.outsiderviews.com; 2) http://www.kittenpolitics.com; 3) http://www.smoothpolitical.com In addition, I also contribute to a number of other blogs on a periodic basis. Thank you for visiting me here. I look forward to "seeing" you all on the Web.

Newsflash: Jack O’Connell in Orange County

During his brief remarks, Mr. O’Connell talked about the need for stability and long-term planning that was necessary for the the community. He congratulated the Community for the continued improvement in test scores which the Board also reported out in its’ latest dispatch. But, what he also noted was that the turmoil at the highest echelon of the Board would eventually catch up. As such, he reinforced how things had to change and change now.

The Quest to Remake Capistrano Unified: A Parent’s Perspective

I came to this conclusion after watching the campaign by the current trustees to impose an agenda that in my view that forgot what they were elected: to serve the Children of the District. It began when I went out to a Community Meet and Greet organized by Capistrano’s Children First to start making inroads within the Community earlier in the year. I got a real sense of where things were when I saw the District go on strike. I joined the teachers on the picket lines to underscore how the Community was with them. In my conversations with them, I wanted them to realize that times were tough and the budget deficit at hand.

Voices From Street Corners (Vol. 4)

I was around town tending to on-going chores on the eve of 9/11 while I again ran across another family at a street corner. I worked up the courage to walk up to talk to them. The gentleman was a man who was a painter. He noted that he had no work. He was trying…

Remembering 9/11 In Laguna Niguel

For me, 9/11 was our generation’s day of Infamy. It was the day that our lives were never truly the same. Just like many others, I remember where I was during 9/11 and just simply could not believe as the planes hit the towers. Nine Years later, I went out to the remembrance event at…

Voices From Street Corners – Vol. 3

As I drove around town this week, I admit I became a bit self-centered. When one worries about their own predicament, one forgets about all that is going on around them and forgets. I then remembered Elie Weitzel’s admonition to us all to “….to give meaning to life and in doing so to overcome the passive, indifferent life.” As I noticed people who continue to hold up signs, I wonder what else could be done.

Around Town In South County

Children have begun to go back to school. Some have already started school and some will begin a bit later on this week. I went out around town on Saturday and drove out to the Great Park. I had been driving by it for years and never actually took the time to go back in to check it out. I finally decided to go out with my Son to check it out.

Voices From Street Corners (Cont’d)

I have continued to watch with horror as I see the folks in South County holding up signs asking for help. I have seen a few good samartians giving a few dollars here and there. One such person who had been on the same street corner for over a year now talked about how he…