Mike DeFreitas

Greg Palast interviews Hugo Chávez

For those flipping out about Hugo’s speech to the U.N. or his comments while in the Bronx, check out this interview. Going by his words here alone, he’s an amazing leader who has the right idea about humanity and the relationships between countries.

More new campaign materials for Tan

After seeing Chris’s bumper sticker, I decided to get into the campaign promotional materials game myself. Tan, feel free to put this one up – I’ve got the high-res PSD if you need it. The fonts aren’t quite right. For that, I apologize. I’m not sure that it was a real threat to Mike, but…

Sierra Mist Bombs

In light of today’s announcements regarding terror plots thwarted, this commercial seems to be more prophetic than any of us could have ever thought. Could this just be cross-promotional synergy between world governments and the beverage industry?

Paper Trails, Town Meetings, and a hidden pun! (CA-50)

I really should have posted this earlier, but better late than never. Tonight saw the first half of a two-night series of town hall meetings discussing election violations in CA-50’s recent special election. Sure, this isn’t the Liberal San Diego, but we’re all Californians with something to lose when it comes to this stuff. If…