Mike DeFreitas

SD 34: Quick Update

Just got this in my email. Down to a 147 vote difference, with 32,047 left to count county-wide (according to ocvote.com, anyway). No idea on how many of those are relevant to this race. According to Martin Wisckol, OC Registrar of Voters Neal Kelley says that there are a few hundred absentees & around 6,000…

My voting experience in Garden Grove.

On the way to my polling place (First Presbyterian Church on Euclid), I expected to request a paper ballot and then gleefully fill it out. No such luck. The poll worker I dealt with had no idea what I was talking about, and then tried to tell me that I was voting on paper. I…

Happy Birthday, Ryan Gene!

Just returned home a short while ago from a small get together in honor of CA 69th Assembly District candidate Ryan Gene Williams, who as of yesterday the 21st, can now fully enjoy Drinking Liberally on Thursdays. Happy birthday, and here’s to many more!