Gabriel Sanchez

Gabriel Sanchez has more than a decade of experience in campaigns at the state and local level, serving lead roles in several California gubernatorial races. He also has served as a deputy press secretary for Governor Gray Davis. More recently, he served as Communications Director for California Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez.

Kashkari Abandons Poverty as a GOP Issue

Neel Kashkari, who has been mentioned as a contender in the race for Barbara Boxer’s Senate seat, has made a lot of noise about poverty last year, but has been silent on the issue since Election Day. And now that Kashkari has been mentioned as a possible Republican candidate for US Senate, it’s worth revisiting this…

When Push Poll Comes to Shove

At the latest meeting of the Costa Mesa City Council, the Costa Mesa Taxpayers Association (CMTA) announced the results of a push poll. Colin McCarthy crowed about the results, but take a closer look. The poll doesn’t ask about the basic policy voted on by the Costa Mesa City council – outsourcing services and laying off nearly half of the City’s workforce to balance the budget.