Dan Chmielewski

UPDATED: San Juan Capistrano Recall Effort is About Political Power, Not Water

Derek Reeve, San Juan Capistrano City Council

You’d think Tea Party conservatives would care more about water than power but that isn’t the case in San Juan Capistrano where a recall effort of moderate Republican council member Sam Allevato is the issue at hand.  The recall effort is being led by Derek Reeve, a so-far-to-the-right-he’s-nuts council member who even Bill O’Reilly called…

Galloway for Mayor Office Opens

Lorri Galloway (right), Anaheim City Council member and 4th District BoS candidate handed out Fortune Cookies (c) 2009, The LiberalOC.com

Lorri Galloway has opened her Anaheim Mayoral Campaign office at 201 Center Street in Anaheim.  If the address looks familiar, it’s the former location for the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce. Galloway will host a Kick-Off Rally at the new Campaign Headquarters, Thursday, March 20th from 6PM to 8PM. With Republicans Tom Tait and Lucille Kring…

Will Costa Mesa go to Districting System?

Costa Mesa fire-engine

The Sunday edition of the Daily Pilot raises the issue that changing the way Costa Mesa elects its city council might have a profound impact on the city’s growing Latino population.  There’s support growing to have the city move towards districting to ensure greater Latino representation on the city council and that is sure to…