Dan Chmielewski

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City Council vs Student Council

This election cycle, I am hoping the voters of Irvine thrun the 3-2 council majority to a 4-1 advantage.  The council minority of Christina Shea and Dr. Stephen Choi are far more interested in theatrcs than good government. The Great Park board, which consists of all five Irvine City Council members, recently voted 4-2 with…

Elitism: It Doesn’t Apply to Barack Obama

Yesterday’s OC Register editorial cartoon lampooned Hillary Clinton explaining to Barack Obama how to drink in a bar in PA; a shot, chase it with a beer and don’t hold up the pinky because that is elitist.  Couple that with a number of the right wing talking heads raising the issue that Obama is elistist…

Here’s Where the Anger Comes From

During the Obama/Pastor flag, we ran a cartoon show of Fox News viewer asking “where does the anger come from?” A new documentary getting its LA debut next week chronicles the Civil Rights battles in St. Augustine, Florida. Here’s where you can see it: http://www.laemmle.com/viewtheatre.php?date=04252008&thid=10 Or go to http://dnwa.info/LA for details.  The trailer is below. [youtube]s9lh4dGMHjo[/youtube]

Bats&^t Hugh Hewitt quote of the day

For some strange reason, I’m getting Town Hall Magazine.  Its a die-hard consverative political monthly magazine and I haven’t stopped laughing while I read it.  There’s a photo of OC’s own Hugh Hewitt with this quote: “Whenever someone from the government comes to you and says, ‘we have to fix your soul,’ be very afraid. …

Who Strangled the Cat?

[youtube]TNTPqG6ZECU[/youtube]   IN case the Flash won’t load, click here Found this ditty on YouTube (the world’s greatest time waster); somehow I don’t think Obama Girl is all that worried.  

Janet Gets No Love from GOP

An interesting post at Red County calling on the OC GOP to remain neutral on the first district county suupervisor’s race was posted Wednesday night just proves that no matter what she does, Janet Nguyen just can’t win. (photo credit: Associated Press/more after the flip)