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Carona’s Bail:LiberalOC on Site

Chris Prevatt is on site at the federal courthouse; he reports Carona’s bail has been set at $20,000.  His wife Debbie’s bail is also $20,000.  And his alleged mistress had her bail set at $10,000.  There are reports that the trio was in handcuffs for the arraigement.

Flash Report Needs to Change Its Tagline: “On California’s Most Significant Political News”

With the LA Times quoting Jon Fleischman as Mike Carona’s publicist through this indictment crisis, its clear that the Flash Report’s tagline of “On California’s Most Significant Political News” is no longer accurate.  Today, there is barely a mention of Carona’s indictment and no commentary from Jon whatsoever. Isn’t the indictment of a prominent elected…

Write your own Caption: Republicans as Pirates

HT to OCBlog with a photo from Jim Bieber’s Halloween Party.  That’s State Rep. Chuck DeVore on the left and Supervisor John Moorlach on the right (sorry, I don’t know the guy in the middle or the lady in the pic). “That’s right.  Republican starts with an AAARRRRRRGGGHHHH.”  

Santiago Fire: A Tale of Two Assemblymen

Earlier in the week, State Rep. Chuck DeVore (R-Irvine) lectured me on his role as an assemblyman during the Santiago fire.  Chuck wrote: As for your other suggestions, I’d like to point out that I am a member of the Legislative Branch. You would not look to a judge to be directly involved in the…

Carona Indictment Barely Registers at Flash Report

While most of the OC Media is all over the Carona Federal indictment story, over at the Flash Report, the newsbarely registers a blip.  And it carries a qualifier from someone that its not official and the LA Times story was based on a secret source. LAT: O.C. Sheriff Carona indicted The LA Times is…