Dan Chmielewski

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Jury will hear Carona Tapes at Trial

Peggy Lowe at Total Buzz reports that the Jury in the federal corruption trial for indicted/disgraced/resigned former Sheriff Mike Carona will hear the infamous tapes of conversations between the Sherif and Team Forever member Don Haidl. (the tool to add the link is disabled right now, but we’ll link soon Buzz crew!) Given what we’ve heard…

Back from Vegas: Nearly Missed This WSJ Article

I’ve been pretty quiet all week due to a lousy wireless Internet connection at my Hotel in Las Vegas (see the flip for a picture), but I got back last night and found this article in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal. Only 27% of voters have positive views of the Republican Party, according to the latest…

Republican desperation

Today’s Flash Report has a post from Michael Der Manouel which expresses the desire of some (many?) in the GOP and grow a pair this national election cycle. Mike can’t wait to go kick some Democratic booty. He writes: The RNC doesn’t understand that we want a Party that fights Democrats, takes it right to…

McSame as Bush

Since our pal Chuck DeVore is in involved in ads with half-truths on Obama and Hillary, as a public service, we bring you this ad for Senator John McCain. [youtube]cN10_6pyshQ[/youtube]