Dan Chmielewski

Fred Thompson is Squishy on Abortion

Since State Rep Chuck DeVore has thrown his support behind a possible Fred Thompson presidential candidacy, I’ve been studying Thompson’s record; there’s considerably squishiness on a number of issues that conservatives like Chuck will have to explain away. The Nashville Tennesean (Al Gore’s old paper) has fired the first shot across Thompson’s bow with this…

Chuck Hearts Fred

State Rep. Chuck DeVore has come out of the closet and is throwing his support to unannounced presidential candidate, former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson (there’s a certain other former Tennessee Senator far more qualified Chuck). Read all about it here.    

Register: Pardon Libby

Today’s OC Register cals for the pardon of Dick Cheney’s former chief of staff saying there was no underlying crime. The crime was the blown cover of a covert CIA operative who’s undercover status is well documented and well established.  Libby knew there was an investigation and obstructed the progress of the investigation.  If Clinton…