Dan Chmielewski

McSame as Bush

Since our pal Chuck DeVore is in involved in ads with half-truths on Obama and Hillary, as a public service, we bring you this ad for Senator John McCain. [youtube]cN10_6pyshQ[/youtube]

Bush: Lowest Poll Numbers of Any President in Past 70 Years

USA Today had a story in yesterday’s paper that might have been missed in the hoopla of the Penn. Primary.  President Bush has now achieved the worst approval ratings in 70 years of the Gallup Poll.  Disapproval of the Iraq War has also reached 63 percent, an all-time high. And please remember, Senator McCain voted…

Santorum Back-Handed Endorsement of McCain

Worth reading all the way to the end when you get former Senator Rick Santorum’s email address; shoot him a quick note OK? This endorsement is actually hysterical on a number of fronts.  Santorum’s chief reason for endorsing Senator McSame — he’s not Hillary or Obama. I’m surprised with the endorsement; I thought McCain screwed…

Randi Rhodes is Back on the Air

And back on KTLK AM 1150.  I like Randi’s work, but I was hoping that KTLK would bring Ed Schultz back on the air.  But besides Stephanie Miller, Rachel Maddow puts on the best fact based radio program anywhere.