Dan Chmielewski

Say Hello to Senator Franken (D-MN)

The Minnesota State Supreme Court says Al Franken is the rightful new senator from Minnesota.  Minnesota Governor Pawlenty has indicated he will sign the election certificate making it official.  Now that Franken has passed this hurdle, the Senate has rules about who is seated limiting Coleman’s options for a federal challenge. From the story:

Does Prop 13 need Reform?

Kevin O’Leary has an outstanding piece in Time.com on Prop 13.  It’s worth a read. Has Prop 13’s time come and gone?  I get the idea that its designed to help homeowners keep property taxes in check, but is Prop 13 more like using stragulation as a means of holding your breath? From the story:…

Melissa Fox to Launch Campaign for AD-70 on Saturday

I’m pleased to support the campaign of Melissa Fox for AD-70 in California.  It will be a pleasure to have an assembly member from Orange County who cares about public education and knows Orange County continues to get the short end of the stick when it comes to education dollars.  Please remember to mark your…