Dan Chmielewski

Mike Gravel Rocks

Well, we’ve been accused of being wrong, impolite and sarcastic.  But we haven’t lost our sense of humor.  Enjoy this parody of Mike Gravel’s TV spot from Current TV.[ev type=”youtube” data=”lTRp6pW7t0Q”][/ev]

Pelosi on Gonzo

Washington – Speaker Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today on the resignation of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales:  “The resignation of Attorney General Gonzales is long overdue.  The rampant politicization of federal law enforcement that occurred under his tenure seriously eroded public confidence in our justice system.”  “The President must now restore credibility to the…

Buzzing Trung

I love the Total Buzz blog, except for today where Regster politicial reporter Marty Wisckoll dediced to get failed District 1 supervisor’s candidate Trung Nguyen’s take on the “Taking to the Street” fiasco.  Trung’s response is also a thinly-veiled attack on Janet and perhaps some advice he ought to follow on his own.  See the…

Senator John Warner

Just wondering, now that Republican Senator John Warner, a staunch supporter of the War in Iraq, is calling for troop withdrawls, does that mean…. He’s a flip-flopper? Cut-and-runner? Defeatocrat? Weak sister? Or just plain right about something for once?

The Budget Wrap Up

The three things you can count on by reading the Flash Report on the budget: 1. The Republicans won 2. The namecalling begins 3. Arnold come home. Let’s address each after the flip. 

The Next Evil We Must Fight

There’s a old joke, I love, BTW, because its a fill in the blank.  “Did you hear that Laboratory Scientists have replaced Laboratory Rats with BLANK (let’s insert the word “Republicans” here)? Why? “Because there are some things that even Rats won’t do.”  And Republican Lawyers, the masters of ballot measure titles that mean the…