Dan Chmielewski

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Some Fun Videos Over at Current TV

I love Al Gore’s Current TV but haven’t been spending a lot of time there lately.  The feature “Super News” is timely and biting parody. Click the links and enjoy: http://current.com/items/89263347_mccain_s_vp_rejects http://current.com/items/89258410_uncle_sam_911  

Playing Politics with Birth Control

Are you Pro-Choice?  Practice Birth Control?  Read this as its another assault on reprodutive choice from the Bush Administration: Dear Mother Jones reader: These are serious times for all of us who are pro-choice and pro-women. We need your help, plain and simple. You see, even before John McCain selected as his running mate the…

Palin won’t cooperate with Troopergate investigation

Jeez Louise.  Why am I not surprised that GOP VP nominee Sarah Palin won’t cooperate in the investigation she abused her office’s authority in the Troopergate scandal? From the story: Former Palin Press Secretary Meg Stapleton told reporters in Anchorage that the power probe has been “hijacked” by “Obama operatives” for the Democratic presidential nominee…

Obama Waffles — “Tastes Like Jim Crow”

With the faux outrage over the “lipstick on a pig” comment from the Right, perhaps they could spare a moment to express outrage over the Obama Waffles, a politically satiric breakfast treat in a box sold in conservative circles for $10 a box.  The creator of this oh-so-funny promotional product works at Fox From the…