Dan Chmielewski

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Must Read Piece on Henry Nicholas in November 2008 Vanity Fair

The call out on the cover is: Drugs, Hookers, and the High Tech Billionaire” and inside the November issue of Vanity Fair, you’ll find an amazing article by Bethany McLean about former Broadcom executive Henry Nicholas. The story isn’t online yet, so buy an issue. Here is the link: http://www.vanityfair.com/politics/features/2008/11/nicholas200811

A Newly Minted Reagan Fan

That would be a fan of Ron Reagan, the son of the former conservative icon, wo has taken over hosting duties of a new radio show on Air America radio.  Reagan steps into a timeslot once occupied by Rachel Maddow who has a new show at MSNBC.  He does, quite frankly, an excellent job of…

McCain’s Troubling Quote – A Reminder

Since the McCain camp has all but announced its taking the gloves off in an attempt to make the election about Senator Barack Obama’s character, it’s time to hold the mirror up to the senior Senator from Arizona for his past statements and actions. Southern California and Orange County in particular have large populations of…

Desperation Sets In on the Right

We’re less than a month away from the coming presidential election, and as a Democrat, I could not be happier.  Virtually every poll tracking electoral college vote totals looks like election night will be an Obama block party and the insurgency of new Democratic voters from drawn out primary battle is showing dividends in down…