Dan Chmielewski

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Obama’s Grandmother is Ailing

Senator Barack Obama will cancel several events with two weeks to go to the election to attend to his ailing grandmother in Hawaii.  Michelle Obama will step in for her husband at scheduled events.  Liberal family values in action here.  Its up to us to step up our efforts to elect Obama president.

Orange County Democrats: A Half Million Strong

Conbine us with DTS voters, and the Red County isn’t as Red as it used to be.  Congratulations to Frank and Melhat and Lindsay for surpassing voter registration goals of 500,000. Democrats in Orange County Surpass Registration Goal! Santa Ana, CA – October 20, 2008 2008 seems to be the year for things once thought…

Obama Leads McCain in Newspaper Endorsements

It’s not even close.  And remember, the Liberal media is only as Liberal as their conservative publishers allow them to be. From the story: The Obama-Biden ticket maintains its strong lead in the race for daily newspaper endorsements, by 115 to 37, a better than 3-1 margin, picking up 70 or more papers in the…

Art Pedroza’s Lowest Blows

Santa Ana Ward 3 council candidate Art Pedroza is perhaps best known for his Orange Juice blog, and while I’m loathe to send him any traffic, this post should tell Santa Ana voters all they need to know of the charatcer of a man seeking to represent them in higher office. In short, he’s not…

Colin Powell endorses Obama for President

Former secretary of state Colin Powell, a man respected by both parties, has endorsed Barack Obama for president.  There’s so much to say here, but I believe this endorsement undercuts the notion that only patriots (men and women in the armed forces) support McCain.

Catholics Can Vote for Obama Without Sin

In today’s LA Times, this Op-Ed by Douglas Kmiec.  And for Catholics, reassurance that a vote for Senator Obama is not a sin. From the column: Some Republicans are telling Catholics that supporting Obama is a sin. Catholics are instructed not to cast a ballot for an advocate of abortion, but these partisans overstate the…