Dan Chmielewski

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Obama Waffles — “Tastes Like Jim Crow”

With the faux outrage over the “lipstick on a pig” comment from the Right, perhaps they could spare a moment to express outrage over the Obama Waffles, a politically satiric breakfast treat in a box sold in conservative circles for $10 a box.  The creator of this oh-so-funny promotional product works at Fox From the…

Andrew Sullivan on McCain

While it looks like the MSM is finally starting to grow a pair and call McCain on outright lies, it seems the Arizona senator has lost the respect of a onetime supporter, conservative blogger Andrew Sullivan. Read this column.  

The Daily Palin: The Buzz on Why Track Enlisted

The McCain/Palin ticket have been chest thumpiing the 9/11 deployment of her son Track to Iraq, 9/11 being a Republican National Holiday to remind Americans that only the GOP can keep America safe.  What a perfect way to show their party’s love of motherhood, God, country and the Military than by sending her oldest off…

Is Steven Choi the Odd Man Out for Irvine City Council?

What do IUSD Trustees Carolyn McInerney, Sharon Wallin and Sue Kuwabara all have in common (besides the fact that none of them have kids in Irvine schools anymore, but I regress)? They all served with Steven Choi on the School Board.  But each of them have all endorsed Margie Wakeham for City Council. With three seats open…