Dan Chmielewski

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Hackers break into Palin’s Yahoo Email account

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has been under fire for using personal email accounts to circumvent “open government” and deny information records requests not associated with her offical email account with the state.  Computer hackers, of which are a resourceful lot, have broken into the Governor’s Yahoo email account. Here’s an account of the security breach…

Some Fun Videos Over at Current TV

I love Al Gore’s Current TV but haven’t been spending a lot of time there lately.  The feature “Super News” is timely and biting parody. Click the links and enjoy: http://current.com/items/89263347_mccain_s_vp_rejects http://current.com/items/89258410_uncle_sam_911  

Playing Politics with Birth Control

Are you Pro-Choice?  Practice Birth Control?  Read this as its another assault on reprodutive choice from the Bush Administration: Dear Mother Jones reader: These are serious times for all of us who are pro-choice and pro-women. We need your help, plain and simple. You see, even before John McCain selected as his running mate the…

Palin won’t cooperate with Troopergate investigation

Jeez Louise.  Why am I not surprised that GOP VP nominee Sarah Palin won’t cooperate in the investigation she abused her office’s authority in the Troopergate scandal? From the story: Former Palin Press Secretary Meg Stapleton told reporters in Anchorage that the power probe has been “hijacked” by “Obama operatives” for the Democratic presidential nominee…