Dan Chmielewski

Who Strangled the Cat?

[youtube]TNTPqG6ZECU[/youtube]   IN case the Flash won’t load, click here Found this ditty on YouTube (the world’s greatest time waster); somehow I don’t think Obama Girl is all that worried.  

Janet Gets No Love from GOP

An interesting post at Red County calling on the OC GOP to remain neutral on the first district county suupervisor’s race was posted Wednesday night just proves that no matter what she does, Janet Nguyen just can’t win. (photo credit: Associated Press/more after the flip)

Cindy McCain: Recipe Plagiarist

HT to Wonkette.com  For every Democratic presidential candidate’s flap, comes an equal flap from the McCain camp.  Senator Barack Obama lifted portions of his friend Duvall Patrick’s speech (Patrick being the Governor of Massachusetts) and his wife Michelle was heavily criticized for comments she made about how her husband’s campaign equated to her sense of…

Chuck DeVore and Tom Harman Support Higher Taxes*

*If you are a part of a gay/lesbian couple…. And Heather Pritchard inspired this post ;)  Today is Tax Day, and if you just happen to be part of a Gay/Lesbian couple, you’re paying more taxes than your straight/married counterparts.  Why?  Gays and Lesbians cannot take advantage of the marriage deduction and routinely pay more in taxes…

Supporting Public Schools

Parents of public school children are being asked to contact their state legislators in Sacramento on cuts to public school funding.  Here’s some helpful data to get you through your call.  But fair warning.  If your state rep or state senator is a Republican, you might as well be talking to a stone wall.  They…