Dan Chmielewski

Ted Kennedy has a brain tumor

The Lion of the Senate is very sick; We pray for his recovery. I leave you with this YouTube on of his moving eulogy for his slain brother Robert F. Kennedy.  Its the 40th anniversary of RFK’s death.  In listening to it, I’m moved by how fitting these words are today. [youtube]FiCLi9ddqlM[/youtube]

The City of Irvine Takes Down Irvine Tattler Signs

Our friend Allan Bartlett over at the Powder Blue Report hashis panties in a bunch over signs he paid for to promote the little-read Irvine Tattler web site were removed by the cty.  Immediately, Allan believes its the result of a conspiracy involving Larry Agran and filed this post on his blog.

Ted Kennedy in the Hospital

CNN is reporting that U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy has been hospitalized in Boston for what appears to be a stroke. This story has more details. CMM reported that the senator contacted a family member by telephone abut 10:30 EDT to say he would not be able to attend a lunch in Hyannisport. As a former…

Activist Judges?

The right wingers heads are about to explode on this issue.  Go on over to the Flash Report and read this statement from Rep. Mike Villines who obviously doesn’t know the partisan make up of the State Supreme Court  (that would be 6 Republicans to 1 Democrat) and this from a party leader! Please ignore Jon…

M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I: how GOP spells DEFEAT

HT to Politico.com The Democrats are now 4-for-4 in taking special elections in “safe” Republican strongholds.  Tonight, Northern Mississippi has gone BLUE. from Politico:  Childers wins Miss. special election Democrats picked up a northern Mississippi House seat in one of the most conservative-minded districts in the country Tuesday night — an upset  that will reverberate…