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Salvadoran Citizens and Leaders Endorse Loretta Sanchez

Monday afternoon at El Curtido Pupuseria in downtown Santa Ana, where the Salvadoran food is excellent, leaders and members of the Salvadoran community from throughout Southern California met to announce their enthusiastic endorsement for the re-election of Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez. Their endorsement was unequivocal and enthusiastic.

Sen. Mark Wyland, R-San Clemente, Slurs Democrats

An interesting video came across my desk yesterday. Shot at the September 22 opening of the GOP campaign headquarters in San Clemente, it shows Tea Partier Mark Wyland saying that Democrats “really don’t like this country. That’s the reality.” (fast forward to about 3:00) [youtube][/youtube] . . Senator Wyland, at least in theory, “represents” the…

Salvodoran Leaders to Endorse Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez

“Congresswoman Sanchez has been a tireless advocate for our community,” said Omar Corletto from the Central American Confederation (COFECA). “She has consistently supported the issues that are important to our community, including job creation, education, and health care. Throughout her time in Congress, Rep. Sanchez has fought to make the American Dream a reality for all Americans. The Salvadorean community is proud to support her reelection.”

The Sanchez Clinton Rally

Nearly 1,000 people showed up to see Bill Clinton and Loretta Sanchez this afternoon at the Old Courthouse in downtown Santa Ana. Yes, it was important that right-thinking people be there in large numbers. Yes, it was important that self-respecting Democrats be there in large numbers. No question.

Van Tran Misses Key Education Vote

(From the Loratta Sanchez campaign.) Leaves Community Colleges Hoping to Transfer to UC System High and Dry SANTA ANA, CA – Last week, CA Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed Senate Bill 1440, the Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act (STAR Act), into law. The STAR Act has been hailed by education advocates for providing a clear path…

$#*! We Missed

The previous entries in this occasional post were called Bits and Pieces. Frankly, that title didn’t fully suit the content. Truth is, even the most prolific contributors to have full-time jobs and we miss $#*! every day. Whether trivial or critical, some of the $#*! we missed is worth sharing with you. Oh, but there…