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Dovinh Fundraiser Tonight

AD-72 Democratic candidate Joe Dovinh will hold a fundraiser tonight.  Details are below: We would like to remind you to join us for some Tasty Cajon Food as we continue our journey to capture the 72nd Assembly seat this fall. Joe believes that opportunity spreads with responsible Government and prudent use of State Resources. Join…

Q&A with Joe Dovinh

We caught up with Joe Dovinh at Jose Solorio’s birthday party fundraiser and he confirmed that he was a candidate for the assembly’s new 72nd district.  It’s already shaping up as a crowded field, but Dovinh can certainly sneak into the two two if Matt Harper and Tyler Diep split the Republican vote and Dovinh runs…

Proof that Joe Dovinh is a Fan of Tran, and a liar

“Van Tran will most likely win the primary election and become the official Republican candidate against Loretta Sanchez in November. Therefore, Loretta Sanchez is scared and has to try her best to please the aspirations of our community. -Joe Dovinh

Joe Dovinh is living where? With Who?

The Bolsavik dropped a fascinating story last week about the roving residency of Mr. Joseph Dovinh. Bolsavik reveals in his story that L’il Joe and his family needed a place in the district to live. His friend and fellow television star Garden Grove Council member Dina Nguyen was able to squeeze Joe and family into her 931 sq. foot home in Garden Grove apparently with her.

Joe Dovinh: A Democratic Fan of Van Tran

We caught up with AD-68 candidate Joe Dovinh this afternoon to get to the bottom of his late entry into the AD-68 race as a Democrat.  Mr. Dovinh took issue with a post written by Chris Prevatt and our own interview got off to a rocky and argumentative start, where he almost insisted I record…