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Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez Endorses Beckie Gomez for Orange County Board of Education District 1

Beckie Gomez-McKeon

  Santa Ana, CA  —  Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez today announced her endorsement of Tustin City Councilwoman and Orange County Board of Education District 1 candidate Beckie Gomez.   “Councilwoman Gomez has a great record fighting for our school children,” Congresswoman Sanchez said. “Whether it’s been her work as President of the Tustin Public Schools Foundation or her leadership as Chair…

Women Sue Urth Caffé for Discrimination after Eviction from Laguna Beach Restaurant


Seven Muslim women have filed a civil rights lawsuit against Urth Caffé alleging that the restaurant chain discriminated against them when it expelled the group from its Laguna Beach restaurant for being visibly Muslim. The café ejected the women, who were seated outside near the entrance, and called the police even though their posted seating…

The Math Still Doesn’t Work for Bernie


Senator Bernie Sanders was an upset victor in the Indiana primary Tuesday;  he won the state by a margin of about 5% after spending nearly $2 million on TV advertising compared with Hillary Clinton spending nothing.  The margin of victory on delegates is something like 6.  Of the remaining primaries, there are not enough available pledged delegates…