Election Day Plus 1 – Close Races Aren’t Over

President Obama endorses Mike Levin for Congress

The Registrar of Voters still has 400,000 ballots left to count — absentees and provisional ones — so its possible some of these close races will flip yet.

It was distressing to read social media posts from Democrats and Republicans alike that there wasn’t a blue wave — there sure was — but not all waves are the same size or strength.  Orange County is no longer a Red County.  There are still some races that are difficult, but no race is completely safe for a Republican any longer.

Harley Rouda

Some bright spots from last night:

  • Harley Rouda beats Dana Rohrabacher; that news is trending in the UK as we speak.  My clients in Europe have already emailed me their excitement about this race and this win.  Congratulations to Congressman Rouda.
  • Mike Levin flips CA-49 blue and almost immediately becomes Congress’s biggest green/clean energy representative.
  • Lou Correa is re-elected easily and is poised to lead the House DHS Subcommittee.
  • In Irvine, Farrah Khan pulls ahead and claims the second open seat on the city council.
  • In Anaheim, Jordan Brandman defeats incumbent James Vanderbilt and doubles the number of elected Democrats on that city council to two with Jose Moreno’s re-election.
  • Todd Spitzer wins the DA’s race opening the door for a special election for 3rd District Supervisor; expect newly re-elected Mayor Irvine Don Wagner to announce his candidacy any day now along with State Rep. Steven Choi joining outgoing Anaheim council member Kris Murray on the GOP side with former Irvine mayor Beth Krom running against Andy Thornburn for the Democrats.  Winner takes all in a special election.
  • Democrat Tiffany Ackley takes the top spot for Aliso Viejo City Council; South County gets bluer by the day.
  • Measure L wins in Anaheim.

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