Porter Raises Three Times More Than Mimi Walters in Critical Quarter Before Election Day


Irvine – Today, the Katie Porter campaign announced raising nearly $3 Million in the third quarter of 2018, and more than $5 Million in the general election cycle – far outpacing two-term incumbent Mimi Walters in the race for the 45th Congressional seat.

“Katie Porter is humbled by the overwhelming support she has received in her bid for the 45th congressional seat. Our campaign received more than 180,000 contributions in the general election cycle so far, with an average contribution of $27.50, showing true grassroots support,” said Katie Porter for Congress campaign manager Erica Kwiatkowski. “Although we are encouraged by the vote of confidence in her candidacy, we will continue to campaign every day until Election Day because we know that voters want a leader who will put Orange County families first, not powerful special interests.”

Recent polls show that Democrat Katie Porter is slightly ahead of two-term Republican incumbent Mimi Walters for the 45th Congressional seat. A September 25th New York Times released poll found Katie Porter ahead of incumbent Mimi Walters with 48 percent to 43 percent respectively. A Los Angeles Times poll released October 4 found Katie Porter at 52 percent and Mimi Walters at 45 percent

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