Brandman reports fundraising for Anaheim Council race

US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) with Anaheim council member Jordan Brandman in Costa Mesa

This came in over the holiday week from the Jordan Brandman for City Council campaign.

He’s reported 120k in funds for his campaign for District 2 council race. Brandman is challenging Republican Councilmember James Vanderbilt. And for those “good government” types out there, this is the same James Vanderbilt who wouldn’t give a “second” on a motion by Anaheim Mayor Pro Tem Jose Moreno’s motion to fly the LGBTQ Pride Flag last month.  Vanderbilt has also moved to limit councilmember rights to debate Moreno’s motion, is flip flopping on the city’s living-wage initiative which creates confusion not clarity.

Brandman’s report is impressive based on where his support comes from and what’s not there.  He has built a solid base of support from labor, business, and neighbors.  What’s missing here is donations from big resort money, namely Disney, Wincome, Chamber of Commerce, SOAR and others that Brandman’s detractors often complain about.

See the report here: Brandman 6_30_18 460

Brandman is running against a conservative Republican is a city that is increasingly progressive. A note to the bozos at that OJ blog, the ones who challenge Brandman’s Democratic bonafides while carrying water for Tait, candidate Cynthia Ward and NPP/faux conservative Brian Chuchua, Brandman moved to the District 2, an area of Anaheim he’s been successfully elected to 3 times before, rather than challenge Dr. Moreno, the Democratic incumbent in a bid to add more Democrats to the council. He could have easily stayed in District 3 where he lost by 72 votes, but Brandman is a Democrat, no matter what Greg Diamond from OJ Blog says, and it will be interesting to see how he and Moreno work together on the council.

Brandman’s platform is about ending homelessness, economic development, and neighborhood improvement — three things Vanderbilt fails miserably at.  We’re calling on Democrats in Anaheim to endorse Brandman’s campaign.